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What Exactly is Baby Colic and is your Usually Calm Infant Suffering from it?

What exactly is baby colic and is your usually calm infant suffering from it? The cause of colic is largely a mystery however colic is a term we often hear when discussing the behaviours in young infants.

When discussing infants who cry for no apparent reason it is generally suggested that they are suffering from baby colic. Baby will usually be perfectly healthy and relatively happy but then become very distressed and cry for no apparent reason and no matter what you do, they just will not be consoled.  But what exactly is baby colic?

What exactly is baby colic?

An episode of baby colic can usually be recognisedly the following traits:

  • Intense crying for no apparent reason in an otherwise healthy infant
  • Clenching of fists and pulling upon legs in the infant which makes them appear to be in discomfort or pain
  • Whatever you do, no amount of consoling will make the crying cease
  • The crying episodes usually occur early evening, or at the same time every day and occur day after day after day . . .
  • The episodes stop just as quickly as they start and for no apparent reason

These episodes of crying usually start when baby is around 4-6 weeks old and can unfortunately carry on until they are 3-4 months old.

You can take steps to try lessen the severity and duration of colic episodes, alleviate your own stress, and bolster confidence in your parent-child connection.

Is your usually calm infant suffering from baby colic?

If your baby is displaying the above behaviours then it’s odds on your baby is suffering from baby colic.

What causes baby colic?

Babies have been suffering from baby colic for centuries. However the cause of colic largely remains a mystery!

Experts claim it is not caused by anything genetic, a traumatic child birth or the skills of the parents! Nobody really knows why babies suffer from baby colic but some experts think that the following are contributors:

  • As babies become more alert to their surroundings it leads to them becoming overwhelmed by the end if the day;
  • Babies digestive system being immature;
  • Food sensitivity – whether being passed on though the mothers diet or though the baby formulae.
  • Intake of too much gas whilst crying, trapped wind or constipation

Whether the above actually causes baby colic is debatable however they are probably contributing factors and my make the symptoms worse.

COLIC SOX – Unique home treatment for baby colic

ColicSox, Colic Relief, What exactly is baby colicBy using my ‘COLIC SOX’ and following my simple instructions you can learn to put time to elevate those things which are thought to cause colic. With a little practice you will soon be able to identify which areas of baby’s feet to work to help alleviate their discomfort!

As hard as it is to believe, these little SOX will help you to ease the symptoms of colic and also relieve your baby’s constipation and reduce their trapped wind.

Concentrating on giving baby reflexology treatment can also help reduce your own anxieties brought on by having to cope with baby colic, as you are focussed on bonding with your baby.

Useful sources of help and support with baby colic

There are several organisations who offer support to new parents:

Family Lives – offering information and support to new parents

Home Start – practical and emotional support from volunteers

Family Action – offers support during pregnancy and after giving birth to parents with mental health problems

NCT – offering courses for new parents

The Association for Postnatal Illness (APNI) – offering information and support regarding postnatal depression

The Breastfeeding Network – offering support on issues surrounding breastfeeding


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