Stress and how it manifests in the body

In our modern rushed lifestyle, we are susceptible to a continual build-up of tension, anxiety and fear.  This results in stress.

Our bodies can usually handle a certain amount of stress. But Stress can increase in our bodies, if not absorbed by external forces.

One of the most important benefits of reflexology is its ability and effectiveness of reducing stress. Reflexology expels the suppressed emotions of stress, relaxing both our bodies and minds to improve our attitudes to life and wellbeing.

Ever wondered how stress manifests in the body?

Stress manifests in the body in different ways. Approximately 70% of disorders can be related to stress and nerve tension.

It is crazy to hear, but such things as back pain is not only caused through injury, but can also be caused through tension which is not being addressed.

This sounds mad, right?

But when you logically think about it and see a diagram of the spine, you will see that between each vertebrae there are nerves. These nerves communicate with adjacent areas of the body. For example, the nerves in the neck are parallel to the shoulders and arms. If the nerves are under stress then you can have neck shoulder or arm pain!!

Nerves in the thoracic area can cause lung or chest problems!

It is all connected!

Abnormal tension leads to tightening of the muscles of the spine, thus nerves are affected, resulting in pain.  When tension is relaxed the muscles cease to contract.  This then relaxes the blood vessels reducing vascular constriction and allowing circulation to flow freely, thereby conducting the necessary oxygen and nutrients to all the body tissues and organs.

Stress is difficult to avoid

Unfortunately stress is part of life and very difficult to avoid.

The increasing number of people with heart disease and high blood pressure is evidence of the more obvious stress related diseases which exist.

Long term symptoms of constant exposure to stress are fatigue anxiety and depression.  This is because the nervous system becomes depleted and the immune system eroded, making one more susceptible to immunodeficiency diseases.

The affects of stress

Stress affects different people in different ways, and also to varying degrees.

One person my exhibit cardio vascular problems, another gastrointestinal upset, anorexia or palpitations and sweating.

The cardiovascular and digestive systems are targets for the ill effects of stress which then can result in high blood pressure, ulcers and indigestion.

How can Reflexology help with stress?

Reflexology can help to alleviate the effects of stress by inducing deep relation, thereby allowing the nervous system to function normally and free the body to seek its own homeostasis.

How do I do this?

. . .by working down the spine area of the foot! This helps to balance the nerves in the corresponding area of the body and settle the nerves which are causing referred pain in the body.

Also, relaxation techniques also have a very positive affect on the body and help to balance out any stress related pain.


If you are suffering from stress, reflexology can be of real benefit. I can help relieve the tension and stress. Contact me today.

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