I have had phenomenal success in using reflexology to combat infertility concerns, help clients improve their fertility, and to eventually conceive.

Of course, all client’s symptoms and struggles are different so it is not a case of one type of treatment suits all. Clients respond in many different ways. I find I can treat two clients with the same problem, but their responses are totally different.

The successes I have had over the years at overcoming infertility concerns and improving fertility are proof that the reflexology approach does work.

Trying to become pregnant can be an overwhelming and all-consuming experience. Especially if you’ve been trying a while and it’s just not happening. But you are not alone - one in six couples have difficulty conceiving.

Regardless of whether there is a medical condition making it difficult to conceive, trying to become pregnant can be a very stressful. You are likely to feel you have infertility concerns about your ability to conceive. You will also feel like you’re doing everything right only to be hit with disappointment each month; maybe it’s time to consider an alternative, holistic approach.

The comments below are from just a few of my clients who came to me with infertility concerns and have gone on to conceive following a course of reflexology treatments with me. You might like to follow my ‘One I Made Earlier’ series in my stories section to see just how successful reflexology can be in achieving the dream of becoming a parent.

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“I cannot recommend this reflexology enough. I started going for treatments after 6 months of trying and after just 2 sessions I was over the moon when I found out I was pregnant”
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Helen Turner

“Julie will always be special to us, as she helped with our journey to parenthood”.
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Jenny Kavanagh

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Alleviating infertility concerns and boosting fertility with the help of Reflexology

You may be wondering how massaging feet can help boost fertility and how it may help to resolve any worries about potential ‘infertility’ problems!

I am a great believer that re-balancing your inner self with reflexology can enhance fertility.

Reflexology is based on the belief that specific reflex points in the feet are link to your organs and systems of the body. Reflexology not only helps to re-balance the ‘inner you’ but also melts away your stress as it helps you relax. A relaxed, balanced you, can provide the perfect environment for conception.

I work my magic (hormonal balance) through the feet. Sounds crazy right? I am able to achieve this by using techniques I have developed, over years of experience, for balancing hormones within the body. Using this technique helps to improve your ovulation and regulate your cycle so that your body has the best possible environment to conceive. By receiving regular treatments and by having open and honest communication we can work towards achieving your pregnancy goal. All ladies have their own personal journey to travel and I take each of my ladies fertility experience as unique to them, and treat accordingly.

Confidentiality and openness is key, and I always try to make my clients feel as relaxed and comfortable, as they can be, throughout their treatment.

Working together to achieve results

The best way to achieve results is by booking a consultation, either online or in person. I will take a full case history before putting together a treatment plan. Throughout the consultation I will discover more about your cycle and how in tune you are with your body. For example, do you know when you ovulate? Can you feel it? Do you actually ovulate more than once a month? Did you know that some women do?

I will also discover more about the struggles you have been having and how long you have been trying to conceive. We can then work towards balancing your hormones whilst monitoring your cycle/ovulation and luteal phase. We will work together whilst I apply your personal treatment plan to help improve your fertility.

Taking care of your mind as well as your body to increase fertility and put a halt to infertility concerns

Not only will your personal treatment plan improve your monthly cycle, but the treatment will also be an effective way of clearing out toxins from the body, thus in turn, reducing your anxiety and stress.

Believe it or not, stress effects your hormones and throws them off kilter. When you are stressed you produce Cortisol from your Adrenals and your Adrenals play a vital part in your Reproductive system. Progesterone, your pregnancy hormone, is also produced from your Adrenals so when the body is stressed the Cortisol increases and the Progesterone decreases and is put on a back burner. This is why many ladies have trouble conceiving when in a high state of anxiety and despair. Unfortunately, this becomes a vicious circle as ladies can become very stressed about NOT BECOMING pregnant.

Many women are told they have unexplained fertility/infertility issues. Their cycles seem normal and they may have undergone investigative tests, which come back normal, yet still have trouble conceiving. This becomes very confusing for ladies who then put themselves under even more pressure to get to the bottom of their, so called, infertility problems. You can put your body into a state of stress, as described above, which is a vicious circle.
How many times do you hear of a couple who have tried to conceive, for years, with no success? As soon as they adopt, they become pregnant. It is no mystery that the body can shut down and react negatively to stressful situations.

Remember, you need to take care of your mind as well as your body, and that is why Reflexology can work well to boost fertility. It helps to balance your inner self which needs to be balanced in order to conceive! Your body and mind are to be ‘AS ONE’.

Maintaining a healthy pregnancy

After conceiving you can maintain a healthy pregnancy, by receiving reflexology, from 12 weeks until post due date and this can help you to give birth naturally. Please read more about Reflexology throughout pregnancy on the pregnancy page.

Reflexology is NOT a miracle cure

Disclaimer: It is important to understand that using Reflexology as a treatment for fertility issues is not to be classes as a miracle cure. It can, however, help to eliminating factors which may be preventing conception. Reflexology is NOT a replacement therapy for orthodox medicine or medical intervention if required. But reflexology can be used alongside medical treatments, depending what those treatments are.

There are many conditions which can affect the ability to conceive but by balancing your inner self, you will be helping your body to be in the best state it can be and the most optimum of health for your forthcoming journey.

Further help and support: https://fertilitynetworkuk.org

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