I have been using reflexology to ease the symptoms of baby colic for many years. It is thought that baby colic affects one in three babies.

The excessive crying which is one of the most obvious signs of colic in babies is deeply distressing to new parents. Just as you’re starting to settle into a routine baby seems to go through a phase of screaming and no matter what you try you can’t seem to find a way to soothe your baby.

If the above sounds familiar, then the most likely cause for your child’s discomfort and distress is constipation, trapped wind or baby colic.

Reflexology can really help relieve the symptoms of baby colic.

Whether you choose to bring your colicky baby to visit me in person for treatment or choose my COLIC SOX home remedy for baby colic relief, I am confident that my reflexology techniques will help soothe your colicky baby!


Symptoms of baby colic

Symptoms of Baby Colic tend to appear in the first 2-4 weeks of a baby’s life.

It is very often the case that the baby has been content and happy up to this point with the following symptoms suddenly appearing early evening. The symptoms of baby colic usually include:

  • Excessive crying which lasts for 2-4 hours
  • An inability of the parent to comfort and soothe the crying infant
  • Reddening of the face and grimacing
  • Pulling up of the legs suggesting stomach pains

Baby colic disappears as quickly as it appears, very often  after the baby passes wind.

How reflexology helped young Oscar's baby colic symptoms

One client of mine, Gail, was at the end of her tether when she contacted me regarding Oscar's colic symptoms. Every night suffering the stress of her baby screaming and the health visitor’s unhelpful ‘He’ll grow out of it’ approach sought her to seek my help with colic relief treatment. This is what she has to say about her son, Oscar:

‘After a few weeks of treatment, Oscar’s colic and constipation was more manageable and he was much more relaxed. One month after the treatment started he no longer had colic . . . We were no longer stressed and could enjoy being parents. Thank you Julie for saving us!’
(read her story here)


Like Gail, you don’t have to wait for your baby to out grow their colic symptoms or continue to suffer with the constant crying.

Through departing years of my reflexology knowledge for relieving the symptoms of colic, I have developed a self-help programme which will enable you to soothe your colicky baby and gain the same results I did with young Oscar, in the comfort of your own home!

Where reflexology can really help soothe a colicky baby

At the first signs of baby colic, the natural reaction for any new parent is to run to the chemist or health visitor and ask for help and advice about colic treatments.

But as you heard, earlier, in Gail’s experience this isn’t always helpful.

Whilst conventional, over the counter baby colic treatments and medications can help, they are not always suitable for very young babies. Also, feeding these colic treatments to young babies with underdeveloped digestive systems doesn’t always sit well with new parents!

There is an alternative way!

Gentle reflexology for crying babies relieves colic without medication

Excessive crying in a baby which is generally fit and healthy is usually a symptom of colic.

A recent study on 35 infants diagnosed with baby colic found that reflexology helps in all cases. 43% claimed that the colic symptoms disappeared altogether and the colic symptoms reduced in the remaining 57%.


Reflexology has been used as an alternative, non-invasive treatment for colic in babies for many centuries.

With the help of my ‘COLIC SOX’ home remedy for baby colic, these tiny socks can help teach you how to relieve the symptoms of colic in your baby. With just a little practice you will be able to soothe a colicky baby using this non-invasive colic therapy, from the comfort of your own home! These little SOX will:

  • Ease the symptoms of colic and calm those baby’s tears
  • Help relieve your baby’s constipation
  • Reduce trapped wind
  • Promote effective parent and baby bonding

By using my ‘COLIC SOX’ and following my programme you will be able to soothe your colicky baby just by identifying the correct reflex points. With a little practice you will know which areas of baby’s feet to work to help alleviate their symptoms of colic and discomfort!

“I was sceptical . . . but as we reached the stage of "we have tried everything but this to soothe our baby”, we gave it a shot and wow, amazing!”


(Amazon verified)

“Unbelievable - was very skeptical about this but it is honestly magic when you get the hang of the pressure points.”


(Amazon verified)

“I was really impressed with how easy the socks were to use and how clear the instructions were. We made reflexology art of our daily routine and really enjoyed the bonding experience before bedtime. ”

Gail Wilkinson


How COLIC SOX work to relieve the symptoms of baby colic

COLIC SOX is a totally unique home remedy for reducing those distressing symptoms associated with baby colic. This totally natural, non-invasive therapy offers an alternative approach to help settle a baby’s new, and as yet not fully developed, digestive system.

Not only does it improve baby colic symptoms and help soothe a colicky baby, but it also helps regulate the bowel, relieving constipation and also released trapped wind.

Baby reflexology treatment also relaxes baby and induces sleep which works to further regulate baby’s sleeping patterns.

Babies love Reflexology

The COLIC SOX home remedy for baby colic has been developed by me, a qualified Reflexologist who specialises in Baby Reflexology, to relieve the symptoms of baby colic.


Lung press

to help relax baby and calm tears


The small intestine

to release trapped wind


Pituitary Gland hold

to relax baby

Just follow my METHOD of working, supplied with the COLIC SOX, and see for yourself how much babies love reflexology!


Reflexology & Soothing the Symptoms of Colic – Did you know?

  • Colic affects approximately 20% of new born babies. It is the term used for excessive, frequent crying caused by abrupt abdominal discomfort. Typically, symptoms include trapped wind and constipation.
  • Colic derives from Greek (κολικός kolikos, “relative to the colon”). Babies often suffer from this ailment within the first few weeks of being born, but it tends to cease by the time they reach four-six months old.
  • Symptoms of colic lead to intense discomfort and, inevitably, crying (often in the late afternoon or evening), which can last for several hours. Though there is no clear evidence to suggest that colic presents any long-term health concerns for your baby, it is clearly distressing and any parent would want to ease their child’s discomfort.
  • Reflexology involves the application of pressure to the feet and hands, where the practitioner uses their thumbs and fingers without the use of oil. It uses a system reflex zones – areas on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet – which correspond with regions of the body.

  • The therapy has proved to be beneficial for a huge range of ailments and although it has been around for hundreds of years, has grown in popularity in recent years. It is particularly helpful with gastric pain and intestinal complaints and offers much welcome relief to babies suffering from Colic.

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