COLIC SOX – a unique and natural home remedy for baby colic. Using reflexology techniques you can soothe baby in the comfort of your own home.

Colic Sox uses reflexology techniques for relieving the symptoms of baby colic, constipation and trapped wind.

Little sox which come with full instructions on how to provide colic relief for treating babies 0-12 months and beyond.

Just pop the sox on and follow the instructions provided on how to work on baby through reflexology. By following the colour coded instructions provided, you will be able to reduce the distressing symptoms of baby colic.

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COLIC SOX – Unique home remedy for baby colic

COLIC SOX is a totally unique and natural home remedy for baby colic.  Using reflexology techniques you can soothe your baby the comfort of your own home.

COLIC SOX is a non-invasive therapy which provides colic relief by reducing the symptoms of colic.

Offering a holistic, alternative approach to relieving the uncomfortable and distressing symptoms of baby colic and helping to settle a baby’s new, and as yet, not fully developed digestive system.

A colic treatment which can be carried out anywhere, including the comfort of your own home! You need nothing else apart from setting aside a little time to soothe your baby’s tears!

How to use COLIC SOX to reduce the symptoms of colic

Just pop the colour coded COLIC SOX on to baby’s feet and follow the accompanying instructions.

These instructions have been formulated from years of my reflexology knowledge and especially tailored to help provide colic relief in young babies.

Easily identifiable reflex points have been printed onto these specially designed little socks, indicating which areas of baby’s feet should be worked.

This process is not to be rushed!

Follow the instructions, take your time and enjoy the time to bond with your baby as you work slowly, gently and firmly across the reflex points indicated on the COLIC SOX.

Benefits of COLIC SOX

Reflexology can be used as a colic treatment which benefits the baby’s nervous system, restoring balance to internal organs and muscle function.

Although proven to be beneficial, reflexology can be difficult to perform without specific instructions.

Patiently following these reflexology techniques should have your baby colic-free and giggling by bedtime!

The benefits of this unique home remedy for baby colic extend way beyond relieving symptoms of baby colic. As parents become more confident in performing the treatment, the bonding it encourages helps relax your baby and regulate their sleeping pattern, which in turn promotes a calmer environment for both parent and baby!

Reflexology is a colic treatment proven to provide colic relief

Here is what just a few of my customers have had to say:

“You have to persevere, but the technique is quite straight forward and the instructions were easy enough to follow. “Tinks (Amazon verified)

“My baby was really colicky and I got straight to work when they came. Initially first day didn’t seem to help but I persevered and applied firmer pressure and yes it really worked.

I now routinely do the treatment to Kara and she hasn’t had a bout of colic since.” Jo (Amazon)

Still skeptical about our home remedy for baby colic?

Skeptical about our home remedy for baby colic and how it helps provide that much needed colic relief?

A recent study has shown how reflexology can be extremely beneficial reducing the symptoms of baby colic! The study shows that out of 35 babies, 100% reduced their symptoms of baby colic after just 4 sessions!

Learn more about how reflexology can help reduce the symptoms of colic on our Reflexology for Easing Baby Colic page.

Need more help with COLIC SOX?

The information and instructions provided with the product are extremely comprehensive. However if you need further help or advice please do not hesitate to contact me.


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