Pregnancy reflexology is an amazing therapy which not only relieves the discomforts of common problems in pregnancy but can also help in achieving a quick labour!

After working with many clients throughout their fertility treatment, most have chosen to benefit from pregnancy reflexology throughout their pregnancy.

No matter how joyous an occasion, the reality of finding out you are pregnant can bring about fear and anxiety. Coupled with the physical ailments pregnancy brings it can very often lead to a real need for support with wellbeing.

By experiencing the benefits of reflexology in pregnancy, many 'mums-to-be' have received the help they need with common problems in pregnancy.

Pregnancy reflexology can help alleviate common problems in pregnancy  and can help prepare (both physically and mentally) for birth and achieving a quick labour.

“ . . .with the thanks of reflexology it helped ease my heart burn, fatigue, swollen feet and hands, back ache and carpel tunnel. It also made me feel much more relaxed and helped with any anxiety I had about giving birth . . .”
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Whatever you may be dealing with, common problems in pregnancy can lead to a distressing time when all you want is to be enjoying positive thoughts of upcoming motherhood. This is where pregnancy reflexology can help!

Is Pregnancy reflexology safe?

Clients can be very nervous about receiving reflexology throughout pregnancy.

There’s a common belief that reflexology can cause a miscarriage during this time.

Let me assure you that this will never happen, as long as the pregnancy is visible. What do I mean by viable? I mean that within the first 3 months (first trimester) the embryo becomes a foetus and it has implanted into the uterus, thriving, with no underlying development issues, which would lead to a natural miscarriage. This process happens, when things are not quite developing right.


pregnancy reflexology for problems in pregnancy and achieving a quick labour

I have treat clients who were only a few days pregnant as, at the time of treatment, it was impossible to know they had already conceived. This did not result in miscarriage! They had previously been receiving reflexology for fertility issues, had had a bleed, but did not realise it was actually an implantation bleed, not a monthly menstruation.

It is not always clear when a client conceives. Also, ladies can have monthly bleeds throughout the early stages of pregnancy.

I prefer to explain to my clients, in simple terms and not ‘text book’ terminology, as this keeps things a lot more interesting. So I hope you don’t mind the true frankness of the way I deliver my information.

Even though I know that no harm would come to a foetus, I prefer to state that I will only carry out pregnancy reflexology on expectant ladies after 12 weeks. This covers me and my clients’ nervousness, when the pregnancy is so new. This also makes sure we have gone past the most dangerous time period and makes the client more comfortable and confident to go ahead with treatment.

Common problems pregnancy reflexology can help

Problems in pregnancy, symptoms and concerns can be many and vary from person to person.

They range from vaginal bleeding, morning sickness to food fads (known as pica - this is when a lady may crave sucking coal, or eating dog food!). Fortunately this is rare but does happen and this is showing that your body is lacking certain minerals.

The most common problems in pregnancy are usually heartburn, constipation, diarrhoea, frequent micturition, cystitis, kidney infections, palpitations, leg cramps, SPD (Groin pain), panic attacks, sciatica, back pain, RSI, itchy skin, gestational diabetes, tender breasts, fatigue and lots more are commonly experienced throughout pregnancy.

Reflexology for achieving a quick labour

I have treat many women throughout their pregnancies and the one thing which always amazes me is how it really lessens the pain and helps in achieving a quick labour. I have found that the sense of wellbeing and relaxation pregnancy reflexology provides, at this time, definitely has an effect when the time comes to giving birth.

Please do note however that just because you plan on achieving a quick labour, and that is what we are trying to achieve, this still may not happen! Nothing is predictable and sometimes ladies do not actually go into labour naturally. Their waters may break, but they may not have contractions thus making achieving a quick labour impossible. In this situation mum may be given a drug to induce labour or strengthen uterine contractions.

The above is rare and something we are not aiming for. What we are trying to achieve is to ensure that your ‘Oxytocin’ labour hormone is in balance with your baby’s ‘Oxytocin’. By receiving hormonal balance treatments, so that baby is in tune with Mum, it can result in achieving a quick labour and  smooth but quick ejection of the uterus. In the safest, natural way, possible!

benefits of reflexology in pregnancy and achieving a quick labour

“After having treatments for 18 weeks I can happily say I had a very quick and rapid delivery of my healthy baby boy of 1 hour 20 mins. I so believe reflexology helped my wellbeing and would highly recommend it to anyone going through pregnancy.”
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Please note: Pregnancy reflexology, complementary and alternative therapies can't replace conventional antenatal care. It’s important to attend regular antenatal check-ups throughout your pregnancy.

What happens when you visit me for pregnancy reflexology?

When you visit me for the first time, I will do a full case history. This covers things such as whether this is your first pregnancy or whether you previously conceived naturally or artificially. Also, I will cover any problems in pregnancy or symptoms/issues you may be suffering. After going through this, which can take anything from 20 to 50 minutes, I put a personal treatment plan together.

Symptoms and concerns of pregnancy can be many and range from vaginal bleeding, morning sickness, food fads (known as pica - this is when a lady may crave sucking coal, or eating dog food!). This is rare but does happen and this is showing that your body is lacking certain minerals. Heartburn, constipation, diarrhoea, frequent micturition, cystitis, kidney infections, palpitations, leg cramps, SPD (Groin pain), panic attacks, sciatica, back pain, RSI, itchy skin, gestational diabetes, tender breasts, fatigue, and lots more are commonly experienced throughout pregnancy.

By taking a full case history I can advise as to the treatment required and this also flags up the areas I need to work on, to help improve your symptoms.

Thank goodness I have never met a lady who suffers with all of the symptoms listed above! That would be difficult to cope with! I have, however, met ladies that are not suffering with any symptoms but just want to come for relaxation and would like me to work on keeping their hormones in balance, so that they can achieve a quicker labour.

Obviously, when doing a case history it may be that you are contraindicated to treatment, for example, severe hypertension, placenta previs, placenta abruption, verruca’s, athletes foot, blood clots, plus more, but these will all be talked about at your consultation. If this is the case then I will let you know. Other than that, here is nothing to be scared of.

Benefits of visiting me for reflexology in pregnancy

Many women become anxious during pregnancy, especially if it is their first child or they have experienced difficulties previously.

Pregnancy reflexology can help greatly with stress related symptoms. It is a very relaxing therapy which allows you to take time out from your busy life. Taking the time to focus on just you and your baby is vitally important and many of my clients have reported that they sleep extremely well after reflexology treatment.

There are 3 different Trimesters during pregnancy and you will feel different throughout each one. It can be very daunting and I want you to feel the best you can during this time. I can help to address any fears you have and work to help improve them, as well as any distressing problems in pregnancy you may be coping with.

I am, of course, a good ear to bend or shoulder to cry on and have had years of experience treating ladies throughout this very difficult time.

Above all else pregnancy reflexology is fabulous for relaxation which is something I am sure you will need through this very stressful but amazing chapter in your life.

“I was 20 weeks pregnant and suffering really bad with Symphysis Pubis Syndrome (SPD) . . . After my first treatment with Julie I felt amazing relief . . . I proceeded with weekly treatments throughout the pregnancy the treatments really relaxed me."
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