Why I become a Reflexologist

I have always been drawn to a career in healing. My Grandma used to say I inherited this gift from my Great Granddad, who was a herbalist. Back then, people couldn’t afford to visit a doctor and he used to run an apothecary out of the back of his green grocery shop in Warley Road, Halifax! People would come to him from miles around for his treatments.

However, I can trace my interests in reflexology and alternative therapies back to 1994 when my father was very ill and in a coma. Doctors said that he could not breathe for himself and that tests would be done to confirm that the ventilator was breathing for him. If this was the case it was likely he was brain stem dead and that they would turn off the ventilator.

At the time I had never even heard of reflexology, but a friend of the family was a Reflexologist and worked on certain areas of his feet which would stimulate the heart and the head. Within an hour he was doing 2 breaths a minute for himself!

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Of course, there is far more to this story, but I saw my father steadily improve through having these reflexology treatments. However due to a lack of understanding in the medical profession, the hospital staff told the Reflexologist to stop treating him and refused him access to the hospital. Those closest to my father, who spent hours by his bedside knew that he was responding to the reflexology treatment. But the nurses refused to believe that and gave him drugs for ‘fitting’!

He was not fitting, he was definitely responding to the treatment the reflexologist was giving. The consultant later agreed he was responding and tore into the Sister in charge.

I will never know how much he would have improved if he had carried on receiving reflexology but what I had seen inspired and motivated me to study Anatomy & Physiology, ultimately resulting in my achieving my Reflexology qualification in 1998.

My interest in Reflexology for Fertility and Pregnancy

I began to study the effects of reflexology on fertility and pregnancy ailments many years ago. Having so many clients visit me for these particular reasons inspired me to study further on how reflexology can be so beneficial. And as it turned out, I found I was very good at this particular discipline!

As a Reflexologist I have successfully treated, many babies, over the years for the discomforts of colic. It is not, however, always convenient for new parents to bring their babies to me to receive treatments. I realised that If I could find a way to teach distressed parents how to alleviate their child’s’ pain with reflexology techniques, they would be able to treat baby themselves, in the comfort of their own home, day or night!

This is why I was inspired to create Colic Sox!

The Colic Sox  colic relief therapy programme is a way of teaching new parents how to alleviate their child’s discomfort from colic pain, trapped wind and constipation by using reflexology techniques.

Not only does the product help to restore balance and regulate baby’s digestive system, thus helping to relieve these symptoms, it also helps regulate other systems of the body.

The benefits of this colic relief programme extend way beyond relieving symptoms of Colic.

As parents become more confident in performing the treatment, the bonding it encourages helps relax your baby and regulate their sleeping pattern, which in turn promotes a calmer environment for both parent and baby. Mummy and baby bonding is also very important and this product helps to improve this connection dramatically.

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