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3 ways to cope when your colicky baby is driving you insane

Having to cope with a colicky baby can put a great strain on new parents. At a time when you should be bonding as a new family, coping with colic can literally strain a relationship to breaking point as both parents feel upset, frustrated and angry that they are unable to do anything to soothe their distressed baby.

With Mental Health Awareness Week running from Monday 10 May to Sunday 16 May 2021, I think it’s important to emphasise that as well as looking after your colicky baby, it’s vitally important to look after yourself.

Coping with colic can put an immense strain on you emotionally. For this reason you need to take care of your own mental health and well-being because looking after yourself will benefit both you and your baby in the long run.


Coping with colic when your colicky baby is driving you insane!

So how do you personally cope with colic when your baby is literally driving you insane? Treating your baby’s symptoms for colic isn’t the same as dealing with the stresses of the effects of colic on yourself!


1. Take a break and don’t feel guilty about it!

Taking a break from your colicky baby does not mean you are a bad parent!

Taking a break during the day in order to better equip yourself for dealing with colic symptoms shows you are a good parent as you know the importance of balancing your own needs with that of your baby.

It’s hard to deal with a colicky baby if you’re tired after looking after them all day.

Ensure you have time out during the day, even if it’s just time enough to have a relaxing bath or grab a nap! It won’t cure your baby’s symptoms but it will better equip you for coping with them when your baby starts with the colic pain (this usually occurs early evening time).


2. Prepare in advance for that colicky period!

It might sound mad but you know in advance when the insanity is going to begin! Make sure you don’t have anything else planned around this time and devote this time to your baby.

Try performing some reflexology techniques on them. Although this can take a little practice it is hugely beneficial when coping with colic!

The best way to use reflexology techniques is when baby is happy and relaxed, not screaming and crying with pain.  It is pointless trying to attempt reflexology when they are in the middle of a colic episode.

The best time to give a reflexology treatment is in the morning, an hour or so after they have had breakfast.  Make it part of your morning routine, this is also the time when you and baby will benefit from the parent and baby bonding.

Take your time to perform the techniques and baby should be in a frame of mind, at this point, to enjoy it and for their body to react to the treatment.  This reaction could mean emptying of the bowel, which relieves constipation and trapped wind, in turn, helping with colic symptoms.

Performing these techniques can become a new focus for you by making it a new part of your morning routine.  By doing this it will definitely help to alleviate your own anxiety and improve your mood for the day.

My ‘COLIC SOX’ (product) can help you locate the correct pressure points on baby’s feet to help with relaxing them, releasing trapped wind and constipation and help to regulate their sleeping pattern.

With practice you will be able to turn this much dreaded part of the day into an enjoyable one. Sounds unbelievable – but it’s true!


3. Do something which makes you feel renewed!

Set aside some quality time for yourself. Taking time to do something which relaxes, rejuvenates or reinvigorates you is good for both you and your baby.

Visiting a reflexologist for some much needed relaxation time or attending a yoga class can help clear your head.

Knowing you have this time to look forward to every week also has a positive effect on your mental well-being.


COLIC SOX – Unique home treatment for baby colic

By using my ‘COLIC SOX’ and following my simple instructions you will be able to soothe your colicky baby. Coping with colic is no joke but with a little practice you will soon be able to identify which areas of baby’s feet to work to help alleviate their discomfort!

These little SOX will help you to not only ease the symptoms of colic but also relieve your baby’s constipation and reduce their trapped wind.

Concentrating on giving baby reflexology treatment can also help reduce your own anxieties brought on by having to cope with baby colic, as you are focussed on bonding with your baby.


Sources of help and support

There are several organisations who offer support to new parents:

Family Lives – offering information and support to new parents

Home Start – practical and emotional support from volunteers

Family Action – offers support during pregnancy and after giving birth to parents with mental health problems

NCT – offering courses for new parents

The Association for Postnatal Illness (APNI) – offering information and support regarding postnatal depression

The Breastfeeding Network – offering support on issues surrounding breastfeeding


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