Reflexology for Fertility, Pregnancy, Baby Colic and Well-being

COLIC SOX an amazing, unique product to help alleviate symptoms of trapped wind, colic and constipation

Improve your health and wellbeing through reflexology

Enlisting Julie’s help could improve your fertility, help alleviate discomforts experienced during pregnancy and help your poor, suffering, baby with the symptoms of colic, constipation and trapped wind. Experience a natural way to stimulate the body to heal itself, restore its inner balance and produce the results you want.

Reflexology for Fertility

I have had phenomenal success as a reflexologist in using reflexology to combat infertility concerns, help clients improve their fertility, and to eventually conceive.

Pregnancy Reflexology

Having worked with clients throughout their fertility treatment, many have continued with pregnancy reflexology throughout their pregnancy to help with problems in pregnancy and in achieving a quick labour.

Ease the Symptoms of Baby Colic

I have been treating distressed babies for many years and found that colic in young infants is the one thing which causes new parents the greatest amount of stress.

How Julie can help you!

Julie is a highly experienced reflexologist. Through her reflexology techniques for improving fertility (covering infertility concerns), problems in pregnancy and her revolutionary self-help Colic Sox programme, Julie has helped improve the lives of many women and parents throughout the UK.

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